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Sign Truck Loses Brakes; Crashes Into 'Sinking Ship' Garage In Seattle
March 20, 2005
By KOMO Staff

SEATTLE - A sign-truck driver made some good split-second decisions, but still got involved in an ugly crash in downtown Seattle Sunday afternoon.

The driver exited I-5 started driving down the steep hill on James Street, and realized he didn't have any brakes!

[H]e dodged a loaded Metro bus, several pedestrians, and crashed his truck in the side of a parking structure commonly known as the "Sinking Ship".

The driver walked away OK.

3/9 coach 4188

Light loads today. Finally getting the rain we need.

At 1:35 PM, I was at 3/James waiting for a red light. Behind me, I see a large truck (2-axle flatbed with a ladder boom, about 30 feet in length) coming down the hill at a high rate of speed. Signaling his horn, the driver pulled across the center line to avoid vehicles waiting for the red light. He goes through 3rd Avenue and I, entertaining as always, remarked, "That can't be good."

The truck pulls back to the right lane and goes through 2nd Avenue. He then hits a parked car at the right curb, slews left suddenly, rolls over onto his right side, and skids into two more cars parked at the left curb.

I use my emergency alarm to alert the control center, and proceed along my route.

227 passengers.

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