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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Rollin, Rollin, Rollin

Went to see some Roller Derby last night. See, when I was a young twirp living in the cheap suburbs of Portland, we got to watch Roller Derby on TV. Great fun. I asked my dad on a couple of occasions whether we could go. I was told I wasn't old enough. This may have even been true; I'll never know. As may be, by the time I was old enough, there was no Roller Derby to see.

Last night was a culmination of about 35 years of waiting. Thank you, ladies! I had a great time.

There was one disturbing happenstance. At the beginning, they bought out the flag and we had the National Anthem, as we do at any sporting event. But that's not the disturbing bit. The disturbing bit was that at least a third of the audience sat on their ass during this salute.

What. The. FUCK?

It's your country, too, people. I don't like this government any more than anyone else in the crowd, but sitting down for the National Anthem is like saying "Yeah, the Republicans have taken my country away from me." Is that true? Have you given up? What if we put Cooter in the White House? (No one would notice.) Would you stand up then?

OK, enough about that. I'm also truly sorry I couldn't make it to the Georgetown Invasion, but I had to be able to drive at 7:00 Sunday Morning :-( Will someone give me a few million dollars so I won't have to work for a while? Thanks.


Well, I would certainly stand up for O Canada, just as I would stand up if the Queen walked in. I was brought up right. But I wouldn't sing or bow; I don't have that right.

My theory is no one said in that Baritone Public Addresser voice, "Please stand for our national anthem." So, of course, no one knew what to do. (For that, I blame the people who think we need to be told what to do all time. Americans are not permitted to think for themselves or take any initiative! :-))

We did have alot of people from Canukistan come down! But, regardless, you're right. There's a level of respect that was lost. I notice everywhere - people don't say excuse me, or hold doors open for others, people don't offer their seat to the pregnant, ill, or eldery, etc. The 80's Me Generation is back. Yuk.

Usually we want everyone to "remove your hats and raise your beer to the National Anthem" - but we didn't have beer. How fucking un-American is not having a beer at a sports event?!!?