chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Macworld magazine

Nearly 20 years ago, my then-girlfriend and I wrote an article for Macworld magazine called "Keys to the Future" (no, I didn't make that title up). This article detailed how one might use the Resource Editor to rearrange your keyboard to the Dvorak layout.

Actually, what happened is I got into my girlfriend's Mac with the Resource Editor and rearranged her keys as a practical joke. She got back at me by making me write up the procedure for her so she could hack it into an article. At least she included my name on the submission. I'll never really be a writer, though; I just don't seize opportunities like that.

Back in the 80's, computer mags were full of nifty articles like this. Getting into the box and experimenting were the order of the day, even in closed systems like the Macintosh.

Imagine my pleased surprise when I read the following words from the April 2005 Macworld:

Carefully insert a thin putty knife on one side of the mini's undercarriage, between the white plastic and the silver aluminum. Then gently tilt the knife until that side of the case lifts up and you hear a subtle popping sound. Repeat this procedure on the other side....

Here's to the 80's, the subtle popping sound, and our brave new world.

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