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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
everything report

3/8a coach 4112

A hostage standoff on the Central District today caused E Jefferson St to be closed from about 9:00 to nearly 4:00. Buses were being let through. At one point, SPD closed a couple of bus zones. The control center coordinator informed us of this fact over the radio, explaining that it was for our customers' safety, and that we were to explain this to the customers in a way they would understand. So I did:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Seattle Police Department has closed the next two bus zones, and we will make no stops until 21st Avenue. This is for your comfort and convenience. I've been instructed to make sure you understand this, so I'll be blunt. This is to keep your ass from being shot off. The next stop will be 21st Avenue.

Eight customers deboarded. http://www.komotv.com/stories/36595.htm has a good summary of events.

After work, I ran home, changed clothes, then my wife and I went to the Rat City Rollergirls bouts. This months matches were much more intense than last months, as the skaters improve their skills. Skaters were better centered (i.e. harder to knock over) and jams lasted longer. (Last month it seemed like the lead jammer would call off the jam just because she could, rather than in pursuit of a specific strategy.) There were some minor injuries, and a couple of fights. I think there is some overcompensation for the weaker performance in March; I wouldn't be surprised if things settled down into some serious skating next month.

My fave team, Grave Danger, showed remarkable improvement over last month. In fact, I remarked upon this point.

We went to the after-bout drankin' session at Jules Mae's pub in Georgetown after the bout, where we briefly hung with skaters (and former coworkers) lisa and sgtred and Lisa's boyfriend henry. Would have stayed longer, but I was wiped from going nonstop all day, and Sara was getting whacked out by cigarette smoke.

Lottie Mott's coffee shop closed today, and so we went over there for the closing party. This was to go from noon to midnight, but by 11:15, everyone had gone, and the shop was dark. In June, we'll have a new coffee shop and cocktail lounge, with new owners. The new owners are not officially named, but rumor has it that they are associated with a famous Belltown bar, one with a small cinema attached. Shhh!


Wait a minute...do you live in Columbia City? I live in Columbia City as of Thursday!

There's a new bakery coming in, too...with some awesome pastry chefs. I think it's supposed to be in by the end of the summer.

I used to live at the Lish House (the old theatre on Hudson) back when the area was crawling with crackheads. That area has changed so much, yet they've always maintained the most beautiful library in Seattle (small, whitwashed, almost "quaint", perched on a small hill surrounded by a huge park lawn). I always envied the kids reading books on the lawn in the sun as I bussed to and from work.

I'm right off of Hudson, but I don't know about an old theatre. Maybe I'll find it. I love the library - went there today. :)

It's that big building right behind the pizza place. it's now a recording studio

Yup! I live on Dawson St on the "wrong" side of Rainier, behind the plastics plant.

Personally, I'm aquiver in curiosity at what "Geraldine's Counter" is going to be like. I <3 eating at diner counters :-)

I'm not sure if I'm on the right side or the wrong side. My street isn't the most attractive street in the world (across the street from my house is the back of a not-very-attractive building), but the neighborhood behind me is pretty nice. I'm at 39th and Hudson.

Yay for a neighbor!

i'm at 37th and Dawson...send me an email and let's work out a time to get a drinky or something (I don't need a lot of excuse to hit the alehouse...)

Lottie Mott's

I loved Lottie Mott's when I lived down there. It was an oasis respite from the throngs of zombie-like crackheads that ran around there then. That area has changed alot - and yet, it hasn't. I'm glad to hear it's staying a coffee shop regardless of who owns the place.

Derby: Next month is going to be *brutal*. My team is really stepping up and we play great together. Personally, I'm stepping up my own training so I can really haul ass and get 'em down where they belong. MUAHAHAHAahhahahaha!!!!

Re: Lottie Mott's, Death Skating, et al.

Socket Wenches don't stand a chance. BWAH!

Subject Change. What would it take to stop Maria "Burnett Down" dematerializing just before skating through the pack? I can barely see her do it, and I don't have to look over my shoulder. One skate here, one skate there and all I see is her back. Again. Darned commies...

I'll give you a call when Columbia City is all "finished"...we can go on a food/beer crawl or something :)

Re: Lottie Mott's, Death Skating, et al.

RE: Burnett Down - I know. My team knows. She's definitely like trying to lasso a tornado.

RE: Columbia City - I'd love to! I haven't stomped around there for a while...