chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Received eBay purchase from Ukraine, a Soviet-era Микрокалькулятор Электроника МК-56 programmable desk calculator. There is no manual, naturally, so I'm determining it's capabilities via cognitive psychology. That is, I poke at it and see how it reacts. Progress is being made.

The unit is slow, and sometimes the display isn't what you expect. 5^5 is 3124.9993 after about 3 seconds of thought.

I have an MK-61 on the way in from Ukraine. Essentially the same calculator, but in a handheld format. I'm promised a manual (на русском языке, конечно) with that one, which should help with the more abstruse programming functions.

The unit has a vacuum fluorescent display with bluish green numbers. Sara responded "Damned commies...they can't even do red right!" (She was expecting a red LED display.)

Calculator forensic analysts, the number is 9.0881454.

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