chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

CO149 gets out. Please, no gasping from the audience.

Hung at the Sunset Tavern with Grave Danger members Li'l Hateful #4 (aka sgtred), Lisa Lawless #42 (lisa), Edie Brickwall #10 ton (igorp) and PamOpticon, number *69.

It was swell to make Ms. Brickwall's reacquaintance (We had previously met under the auspices of delores, who is probably unaware that she had auspices that one could be under). I was reminded of a certain incident at a bar in an exclusive neighborhood across town. Fortunately, all the "neutral" witnesses to that have already been "neutralized".

I seemed to be more than half of the Grave Danger cheering section, most of the crowd being there for Big Wheel Bingo. Except for those members of the Sockit Wenches who were in attendance as it was their home turf. Needless to say, there was a certain amount of entertaining friction. I contrived, somehow, to avoid injury. Li'l Hateful will probably need to ice her right elbow, alas.

Very nearly a perfect evening!

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