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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
How've I been doin'?

March: 5687
April: 6338
May: 5850
total: 17875

projection: I carry 71,500 happy customers every year.
estimate: I've had around 285,000 happy customers since I've started driving bus.
(note: not counting people who get on and back off in the ride free area.)

Well, they're really only *mostly* happy. I've had 3 complaints...


OOooo... what were the complaints about!?

There was one lady who claimed I passed her up. That I looked right at her and shook my head at her as I drove by. She was right too. Only problem was I was entering the intersection at about 15 mph when she came running around the corner of the post office trying to get on the bus. My boss told me (without any real knowledge) that I was much too good an operator to not have a reason and tossed it out.

One guy emailed in that I was making in-lane stops on Greenwood, rather than pulling on to the verge. I thought it was OK to do that, and my boss understood. He said stop it, and I did. Then he tossed it out.

Then there was this one ... woman. I think she was having some trouble at work, had to be there at a certain time and was often enough late that she was getting glared at, or something. And it so happened that I was frequently late to that bus stop, due mainly to a scheduling difficulty (i.e. she was boarding at a non-express stop and I was the first non-express bus in over 1/2 hour, even though it was rush hour). Anyway, I was *always* jammed that trip, and I was always late to her stop. And every day she'd get madder and madder. She'd tell me how late I was. (Or rather, how late she thought I was, since her watch was 3 minutes fast.)

Well, one day, in addition to all the other crap, I also had to pick up a wheelchair along the route. So I was particularly late one day. And she called in. And I heard about it. (You would not believe the smirk this bitch had on her face for the week following. I knew what was coming.)

So the boss calls me in and shows me this complaint. I said I remembered that day. I was packed and had a wheelchair. Soon as I said the word "wheelchair" the whole tone of the meeting changed. I went from goat to hero in mere milliseconds. He wrote "Wheelchair" on the complaint and tossed it.

I got back at this woman, too. Oh yes, preciouss.

One day, *she* was late for the bus. She was almost a block away when I pulled in (just as late as always). Wanna know what I did?

I *waited* for her.

She never forgave me, either. Dumb bitches die!