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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]

Dear UPS

A couple of days ago I ordered some equipment. I requested of my vendor that they send it 2nd Day Air (Blue). I came home today and there was no package. There was no stickynote. I looked at the tracking site, and it said that the item was not delivered because there was no one to sign for it. The next delivery attempt will be on Monday.

I ordered this thing shipped 2nd Day Air because I did not want to wait all weekend for it.

This is a residence. We work all day. There is never anyone home. There never will be anyone home.

Please leave the package on my porch. Or on my back deck. Or in my recycling bin. You should by now have signatures on file authorizing that. I don't care whether the shipper specified a signed receipt. I didn't ask for that. I just want my package.

Truly, I will sign anything it takes for me to sign to get you to ALWAYS LEAVE THE PACKAGE AT MY HOUSE NO MATTER WHAT! Or my neighbors. I do not ever want to pay extra for express shipping only to have the package not delivered. This is unacceptable.

Bite my ass.


As far as I know, UPS has nothing you can sign that will override a shipper's preference for a signature upon delivery. FedEx does, which is one of the many reasons I will always use FedEx over UPS if given the chance, and will complain loudly if not given the chance. I hate UPS so very, very much. Even if they have delivered my last few packages without incident. The frequency and degree to which they have fucked me over in the past is astounding.