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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]

--new XM portable radio arrived, which I used to timeshift Bob Edwards (it has 5 hours of storage)
--got a new house alarm installed last night (free equipment and installation for agreeing to have a lawn sign posted.)
--had breakfast with Sara at Geraldine's Kitchen which just opened today at Rainier and Ferdinand
--had a delightful conversation with Jimmy, our local chronic inebriate, about fishing strategy at Madrona Beach including notes about making the best use of Route #2

Not even 9:00...now what?


How was Geraldine's? gringette and I are going to try it for lunch (unless you reply and say the food was nasty)

PS, can you get the fabled municipal wifi there? Are there power outlets in strategic locations?

Geraldine's is quite good. I didn't look for outlets, but the actual wifi equipment is on a light pole right outside their front door, so that should be dandy

That's more than I did all last week...