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You want what, again?

Received today in my email was a dunning letter from ARIN (American Registry of Internet Numbers):

SPEK Overdue Invoice

To Whom It May Concern:

This the second attempt to contact a representative of Speakeasy Network by American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) regarding outstanding invoices. The attached invoices are due and payable at this time.

Failure to respond to this notice will result in further action by ARIN, which may include the revocation of your subscription and the reclamation of assigned IP addresses.

Seems that they've been trying to get a renewal fee from Speakeasy for their IP address space and no one has been getting the mail. In desperation, ARIN picked a few associated contacts to send copies of the dunning letter to. I was formerly the technical contact for Speakeasy IP space, so I got a copy. I guess that makes sense. Sort of.

I wonder what would happen if I got $4500 to pay this bill. Could I then take over Speakeasy's IP blocks? (*cackle*)

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