chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/16, coach 4132

While loading passengers at Harborview Hospital, a Seattle Police officer bellowed "METRO DRIVER, OPEN THE REAR DOOR!" (Usually it's some kid shouting BAKDO BAKDO to try and screw me up. My compliments to SPD for making the effort to sound different.) I perforce opened the door and two officers stepped on. They apprehended an individual in the rear of the coach, handcuffed him and removed him, thanking me for my time as they left. Very polite.

(Apparently he was brandishing a knife on the bus in front of mine and changed buses when the going got tough.)

Our Fair Transit System, like all the others in the US was at Code Orange which apparently means that the blasting cap doesn't have to be hooked up to be considered a bomb. Or something. Other than hourly reminders to check carefully for lost packages, (and seeing lots of cops on the street for a change) nothing was different.

The other sectors of our society remained at the Yellow level which means "Please proceed downtown and stimulate the economy."

In other news, a 12 year old male held up the AM/PM at 23rd and Cherry. I think they got him, too, but that wasn't on my bus.

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