chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

A snapshot of the past

A thin vertical slice through spacetime. Approximately San Francisco, approximately 1870. We find in close proximity:

- two miners
- a clairvoyant physician
- a correspondent for the New York Herald
- a book keeper
- a school teacher
- a physician and surgeon (in one body)
- two salon keepers
- two clerks in store (in store for what?)
- two stock brokers
- a farmer (in San Francisco?)
- two domestic servants
- a woman retired from a "Fancy Store"
- a homemaker
- an editor, for Golden City
- two people keeping a lodging house
- a grain broker
- a sash and door maker
- a seaman
- an emperor
- two laborers
- a post office clerk
- a boot and shoe maker
- two more physicians (but not surgeons)
- a farm laborer (maybe he knows the farmer above)
- a tin smith
- two capitalists (rich ones!)
- two lawyers who are also judges
- a porter

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