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White House Press Strike

Dear Members of the White House Press Corps--

Since President Bush took office, the White House staff have been ignoring you and changing the subject and refusing to comment and playing every trick in the book to get you to quiet down and copy the party line for your readers.

And you have been letting them.

I see that your spines are growing back, though. Your recent grilling of Scott McClellan give me some hope that things can change. Mr. McClellan's answers, however, take that hope away, especially in regards the possibility that Karl Rove was instrumental in outing Valerie Plame as a CIA agent. The man, and the administration behind him is entirely uncooperative.

So I have a modest proposal.

Since the White House sees fit to try and tell you as little as possible, I think the Press Corps -- All of you -- should just stop going. I think you and your news organizations should just ignore them.

I agree this is a dangerous gambit. The White House will happily just turn around and credential a large set of conservative bloggers or whatever. But they'll feel it. Folks, the administration CAN NOT live without you. They need you. They know that unless informed somehow, even badly, the American people will just get more suspicious and more paranoid. And right-wing bloggers can't fill that gap; they're not on TV (unless you let them be...and you wouldn't really do that, would you?)

And think about it: How many members of Congress hear it from CNN first? The White House counts on that. They *know* then need to advertise -- er, I mean *communicate* -- with the American people.

Call the bluff. If they're not going to tell you anything, just stop going. Yes, if you do that things will get worse before they get better. But that will happen anyway. Assuming things get better at all.

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