chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

LJ Interests meme results

  1. bdsm:
    Well, really, who isn't interested in this?
  2. buses:
    That's where I work
  3. crossword puzzles:
    I hear that doing a crossword once a day will prevent Alzheimer's disease
  4. flirting:
    Sigh. This is a hobby I *so* need to start again...
  5. information security:
    So my wife won't know I'm flirting. Duh.
  6. macos x:
    Don't think of is as Macintosh OS X. Think of it as NEXTSTEP 2.
  7. openbsd:
    When Windows makes you hurl and you can't keep up with all the Linux hackers posting changes.
  8. reading:
    Read or die. It's that simple. If it's in front of you, read it!
  9. seattle:
    I live there. go fig.
  10. vi:
    The ultimate HTML authoring tool!

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