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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
The Shakespeare Virus

It's an honor-system virus. When you read it, post some of your favorite Shakespeare in your own journal.

I don't really have any favorite Shakespeare, alas, aside from the bit where the witches are making soup for the potluck. So, instead, I'll post the perl script that let's me insert Shakespearean-style insults into IRC.


@ADJ_1 = ("artless",

@ADJ_2 = ("base-court",

@NOUN =  ("apple-john",

$x = int rand $#ADJ_1 + 1;
$y = int rand $#ADJ_2 + 1;
$z = int rand $#NOUN + 1;
print "Thou $ADJ_1[$x], $ADJ_2[$y] $NOUN[$z]!\n";


What a piece of work is Perl.

Alas, the unkindest humor of all.....