chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Bus report

3/5a coach 4109

I picked 3/5a because of its early quit time, 4:51pm. I had signed up for some classes on Thursdays and needed to be able to get to them at 6:30. Two days after I picked this work, I was told I wasn't getting into the classes. Alas.

This shift is famous for the paucity of breaks. 10 minutes here, 12 minutes there. So, you might say I started the day with a mood deficit.

Some isolated events:
1. Trucks blocking E Spring St between 33 and 34 Avenues preventing me from completing the loop at the south end #3 terminal.

2. A wheelchair securement belt buckle getting jammed. This eventually required a sharp knife to resolve so we could get the poor man off the bus. While this was happening, a #7 decided to pass not only me, but the #14 behind me. The 14 got one of his ropes cut and we both got poles knocked off.

3. A blown fuse somewhere in the Prime Motivator section of the coach. After some pointless futzing, a supervisor took me back to the base for another coach, leaving 4109 abandoned to the elements and any passing mechanics.

3/5a coach 4178

4178 is a nice comfy coach. I wish I had started with that one.

4. After getting almost back on track, I discovered I was behind the bus who should have followed me. No biggie, usually, but there were some unfortunately-parked cars that kept me from getting around him at the terminal. We leave at the same time, and the other driver pulls his poles once we get to a place we had room. Then I blank signs and express myself for a bit to get caught up.

Never fear, though, if there's one truism at Metro, it's that late buses get later, and I was 14 minutes behind at my last terminal.
Oh, well, it's overtime.

414 passengers (despite missing a trip where I could expect about 3 dozen highschoolers :-/)

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