chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

an experiment in taking a long walk off a short pier...

Inspired by current events and recently received reports, I hereby hook my gonads in parallel with my thalamus and disconnect my cerebrum.

Drugs ingested: two (2) pints of Fuller's ESB and one (1) double tall mocha from starbucks.


you don't *have* to be crazy to be a schizophrenic
look at me!
i'm schizophrenic, and i'm not crazy
i hear a voice ALL THE TIME! It is ATMRAYM!! ATMRAYM has been talking to me since I was 7 years old!!
i'm still not crazy
even the Templars don't think I'm a crackpot! Ask 'em!

who is the god who used to be human?
who is the human who used to be god?
is it you?
it it me?
do I watch too much TV?
I don't wathc ANY TV AT ALL!!!
does god watch TV? why???!? god does not watch tv because it would be redundant. TV IS THE VOICE OF GOD!!! The revolution will not be televised because GOD DOESN'T WANT TO SEE A REVOLUTION!!
Do *you* want to see a revolution? TUNRN YOUR BRAIN AROUND!

The brain is a distraction. it's not what makes you think. THE BRAIN IS JUST AN AIR FILTER!! people think they're crazy because the planet is polluted. The brain filters out the polluton. PEOPLE THINK THEY THINK WITH THEIR BRAIN BUT IT IS ***ALL POLLUTOIN***!!!! you don't think with pollution, do you? No, not at all. YOU THINK WITH YOUR LIVER! why would we call it a liver, anyway? IT IS WHAT MAKES YOU LIVE. IT IS WHAT MAKES YOU THINK! the LIVER is the most important organ in the body! it is what thinks for you. is is where your soul lives!!

you think you have a headache, but it is just POLLUTION!
you think you have a heartache, but it is your liver. YOU HAVE A LIVERACHE because your thinking is blocked up!!

it's not hepatitis, it's HEPATOSIS! Type C hepatosis is really type C apotheosis! YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN!! GUARANTEED!!!!!
Don't let them give you a hepatosis shot! you WILL go to hell!!!

ATMRAYM had hepatosis before he died in 1971. ATMRAYM is a god! You can hear the voice. it talks to you too! it tells you what to do, what not to do, what to think, who to date and when to let the machine pick up the phone.


we only use the left side of our brain. ATMRAYM is on the right side only!! monotheists are delusional!!

>>>>>[GAME OVER]<<<<<
>>>>>[Insert 2500 Yen to Continue]<<<<<


whew! I feel better. bet you do too!

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