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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]


did you do that with mrtg?

no, but it's a cool idea. have mrtg sample my cholesterol every 5 minutes. it probably wouldn't take too many cycles from the government implant, either!

(It's whatever group health's website uses to make graphs. *shrug*)

your cholesterol was at 300??

did they put you on meds or just tell you to eat well and exercise?

we talked about it, but my blood pressure has always been low, i don't smoke, yadda, yadda. my doctor had this evaluation program that input a bunch of factors. it said my five-year probability of cardiovascular disease was 2.7%. He then ran it again with meds in cluded, and it dropped to 1.7%. We both decided that that small change wasn't worth the side effects (yet, anyway).

So I got myself a book listing cholesterol and fiber content of food and made some easy changes.

Hint: Avoid pork brains in milk gravy. (Ugh. that was listed in the book, though. 3000 mg per serving)

>>>>>[See other comments; I got parallel responses on this one. I've never been so popular :) ]<<<<<

congrats! that is a big improvement. how did you do it?

The day the results came back, I did what any intellectual would do in my position. I bought a book! I put myself on a 200 mg/day diet and increased fiber intake. Cut way way back on eggs, dairy and red meat, added nuts, whole wheat pasta and smoothies (Sara puts ground flax seed in the smoothies). It turns out that a 200 mg/day diet is pretty easy if you just pay attention to what you're eating.

I gained 6 pounds, though. Probably all those darned nuts. Well, one problem at a time...

I've so far been unsuccessful in forcing some more exercise into my schedule. I've added a little more walking (mostly at work). Maybe i'll treat myself to an iPod; then I can listen to some podcasts I haven't had time to listen to, too.

Cool avatar! It's uncanny how close that program can come, isn't it? :-)