chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Calendars at the ready...GO

On Thursday, February 7, 1985, I turned 21 years old. On that day, no one bought me a drink. Hell, I didn't even buy myself a drink. I didn't go out at all. How lame is that?

On Tuesday, February 7, 2006, I am turning 21+21 years old. Second chances all around! I'll certainly buy me a drink. Maybe you'll buy me a drink too. Or at least just come ridicule me as some lame-ass olphart.

Lottie's Lounge
4900 Rainier Ave S in beeYOOtiful Columbia City
(cross street S Ferdinand St)

Let's say, oh 7:00 pm, since it's a school night (for everyone but me, anyway muahaha!)

We'll see how that goes and if it's lame, we'll try something else. (Meaning: if you're late and can't find me at Lottie's, cruise around. There's only a half dozen possibilities and unless arrested I'll be in one of them.)

If I turn out to be lame, then BUY ME A DRINK!

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