chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Heeding the Siren's Call

Sara and I went to Portland yesterday to see my dad on his 70th 39th birthday. Sara wanted to stop by Powell's Books, naturally. She went into the main store, and I amused myself in the Technical Books annex. I won't list whatever inconsequential stuff she came out with (not all that much, considering); I, however, cut a wider swath:

  • Bion, Nicolas (Edmund Stone, tr. and supp.), The Construction and Principal Uses of Mathematical Instruments, 1758, Mendham, NJ, Astragal Press, reprint 1995, ISBN 1-879335-60-3
  • Boehmer, Herbert, Fundamentals of the Slide Rule, Seattle, University of Washington College of Engineering, 1959, no ISBN
  • Breckenridge, William E, The Polyphase Slide Rule No. N4053, A Self Teaching Manual, etc, New York, Keuffel and Esser Co., 1938, no ISBN
  • Eshbach, Ovid W and H Loren Thompson, Decimal Trig Type Log Log Slide Rule Self-teaching Instruction Manual, Chicago, Eugene Dietzgen Co., 1956, no ISBN
  • Glover, Thomas J and Millie M Young, Pocket PCRef, 13th ed., 2004, Sequoia Publishing, Littleton, CO, ISBN 1-885071-40-X
  • Him Lau Chung, The Principles and Practice of the Chinese Abacus (中國珠算), China, 1985(?), no ISBN
  • Kells, Lyman M, Willis F Kern ad James R Bland, Log Log Duplex Decitrig No. 4081 Slide Rule Manual, New York, Keuffel & Esser Co., 1955, no ISBN
  • Kells, Lyman M, Willis F Kern ad James R Bland, Log Log Duplex Decitrig No. N4081 Slide Rule Manual, New York, Keuffel & Esser Co., 1947, no ISBN
  • Pogue, David, Mac OS X Tiger Edition, the Missing Manual, Sebastopol, CA, O'Reilly, 2005, ISBN 0-596-00941-0
  • Poland, John, The Quick and Easy "Lawrence" Slide Rule Instruction Book, Peru, IN, Engineering Instruments, Inc., 1952, no ISBN
  • Riddell, Robert, The Slide Rule Simplified, Explained and Illustrated for the Mechanical Trades, 1881, Mendham, NJ, Astragal Press, reprint 2002, ISBN 1-931626-03-0
  • Schirmacher, Stan, Slide Rule in a Nutshell, 1960, self-published, no ISBN
  • Schuitema, IJzebrand and Herman van Herwijnen, Calculating on Slide Rule and Disc, American Ed., Mendham, NJ, Astragal Press, 2002, ISBN 1-931626-10-3
  • Sharp Electronics Corp., Sharp EL-512H Programmable Scientific Calculator Owner's Manual and Solutions Handbook, 1989, Sharp Electronics Corp., no ISBN
  • von Jezierski, Dieter (Robert Shepherd, tr.), Slide Rules, A Journey through Tree Centuries, Mendham, NJ, Astragal Press, 2000, ISBN 1-879335-94-8

$269.85. Please, no comments on my narrow interests. It's a statement of the intellectual paucity of the Seattle area that I can only come across these things on an annual trip to Portland. Doesn't anyone do math around here?

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