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bus report

morning: coach 983

evening: coach 936. Heavy traffic today; baseball. Left 4/spring 9 minutes late after incredible difficulty.

There's an onramp onto s/b I-5 at 6/spring. Traffic in the right lane on Spring st, therefore, usually backs up to about 2nd Ave. In fact, the second lane gets pretty thick, especially if there's an armored car misparked in the right lane. A trolley can use either of those two lanes; the far left lane is too far from the wire. Strategy suggested by more experienced operators suggests taking the second lane until you get across 4 ave, then bulldoze your way into the right lane to collect passengers, then bulldoze your way back out to the second lane to avoid the freeway onramp.

Today, this process was so aggravating that at E Union St/Broadway I popped a pole. With my follower in sight. Now. Policy when popping a pole is to stop immediately, do not pass Go, do not collect 200 dollars, lest your free pole starts ripping down the overhead. So, I stopped suddenly. I don't think some people liked that much. One lady asked me to make sure my follower didn't pass us so she could get on that bus. I appreciate her effort in not telling me what she thinks, but the bus behind wasn't going anyplace different. Guess I pissed her off. Or scared her.

Called the coordinator and got permission to turn back short at 34 Ave. got caught up schedule-wise then.

New schedules for next shake-up came out. Nice new system maps for the folks, too.

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