chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Defendants acted under color of federal law

...and that color is "deep shit brown"

Today did Mr. and Mrs. Wilson (the latter you may know better as Valerie Plame) file suit against Mr. I. Lewis ("Scooter") Libby, Mr. Karl Rove and Mr. Richard B ("Darth") Cheney in their capacities as individuals. Add to that list of victims 10 "John Does" to be named later.

This is a civil case, so the suit does not charge them with being "the most insidious of traitors" although I think it wishes it could. Instead the suit claims the defendants (yes, I'm paraphrasing)

1. violated the first and fifth amendments of the US Constitution with regard to the Wilsons;

2. sought retribution for freely-exercised speech, in treating the Wilsons differently than other citizens while acting as government officials;

3. denied them due process of law while violating their privacy, again acting as government officials;

4. deprived them of property, to-wit a property interest in employment by making it impossible to get a job;

5. conspired to deprive the Wilsons of their civil rights as listed above, "motiviated by an invidiously discriminatory animus toward those who had publicly criticized the [administration]";

6. while acting as government officials sworn to preserve and defend the civil rights of others, conspired to refrain from doing so (and then lie about it);

7. gossiped;

8. conspired to throw the Wilsons under the bus even though that sction was outside their job description;

You can look up the suit yourself. You have to register and supply a credit card number because the court is authorized to collect 8 cents per page. Or you can go here because I did all those things for you. (4 meg PDF file).


Almost forgot. The person who referred to "the most insidious of traitors" was George Herbert Walker ("Big Daddy") Bush, 41st President of the United States.

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