chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Sunday in Columbia City

I have had a long week at work. 41 hours and 22 minutes (plus copious unscheduled overtime) dealing with . . . well, with the citizens and taxpayers of Our Fair City (and county).

This includes a holiday weekend. My time is not my own on holiday weekends.

I hate holidays.


At the end of my workweek (and at the end of scheduled events mostly involving my wife's family), I decide to betake myself to the Columbia City Alehouse for dinner and a beer or two.

I get there and the bar is filled with strange people. I feel like I've never been there before. The nice people working there know me at least. I can deal.


During my stay there, two (2) homeless people disturb me, one of whom carefully extolled the value of Jesus to me.

LORD, protect me from your followers.

I then betook myself to Lottie's Lounge down the street with the determined purpose of Getting Drunk. Five (5) lovely cocktails accomplished that nicely. Saw a large number of nice acquaintances there, too.

Watched the Seattle Police Department interrogate a suspected hooker on the street. It only took three of them. I was outside at the time, standing upwind of those friends who needed a smoke. I said to them (very loudly) "There's Robert 4, Robert 5 and Sam 1." One of them took notice and said something, I couldn't hear what. Surprise to them that I know the local precinct and beats in my neighborhood.

(Really. You all know that I'm a bus driver. What happens when I have a rowdy passenger that I need help with? I get one (1) cop after ten (10) minutes waiting. Come on, people! How violent was that hooker??!?)

And to the folks at the Columbia City Alehouse (not staff, I'm talking to owners here): next time this happens to me, I'm going to eviscerate someone with a butter knife. And I'll laugh, too.

Just sayin'

Good night.

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