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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]


-Quit job. If possible have another one ready, but whatever. Use the time to...

--Take up Bikram yoga. Go every day for 60 days in a row. See what happens to me.

--Write 100,000 words. A good time for this would be the same 60 days doing Bikram. See what happens to me.

Current scheduling has these things happening in the beginning of May, but could happen sooner. It depends on me paying off a credit card and saving some cash.

I tell ya, kids, yours truly is pretty messed up in mind and body. Some of you have noticed despite my heroic efforts to keep it to myself. iIf you've been adversely affected by any bullshit coming off of me, do let me know. Maybe i can fix it. Maybe all i can do is just do better. Or at least buy you a drink.

Many happy returns!


A good set of resolutions. I, of course, have commentary:

* Job losing: right on! Find something that suits you better and doesn't involve dealing with the general public. [shudder]

* Bikram yoga: you're a better man than I. I gave up yoga and just started riding a bicycle most days. Less flexy, more cario-y. (Is that a word?)

* 100k words: One of us! One of us!