chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

Euere Papiere, bitte!

Dear Congressman McDermott--

Today I read in the Seattle Times' website about a checkpoint set up by the Customs and Border Protection Service just south of Forks, Washington. The ostensible purpose of this checkpoint was to combat terrorism. Persons traveling through this checkpoint were asked to verify their citizenship and state their destination or purpose of travel.

Congressman, let me be clear. This is the United States of America. If I wanted to live in a totalitarian regime, there are plenty to choose from. I do not so choose. Had I had need to travel that section of route 101 this week, I would be in jail today. I would not have cooperated with this thuggery.

I therefore must protest in the strongest possible terms these acts by the Department of Homeland Security. I wish for our government's policy of strong-arm tactics to cease. Institutionalized paranoia is not the best way for the federal government to ensure a republican form of government.

Sincerely Christopher Osburn

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