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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
test deployment

WinLink Email Field Deployment

Location:my front porch
Computer:IBM Thinkpad T22
OS:Windows XP Professional
Email Software:AirMail 3.3
Radio:Icom IC-208H
Antenna:Sciesis Scout 3-element Yagi


How'd it work? I keep swearing someday I'll play more with packet over ham radio, but for some reason never manage to get to it.

Worked a charm. The primary issues are:
- power. the laptop battery would give me 2.5 or 3 hours. In the real world, I would have to hibernate the thing and check for messages once an hour. (There's a 7 amp-hour gel cell in the radio box--I can get 8 hours from it.)
- The necessary code for WinLink is closed source and winders-only. (It does run under wine, but keeps running into unimplemented API calls :( ) There's a conspiracy to take the guy out to an alley and beat him up, but he lives on a little bitty island and he's hard to get at. And there are no alleys on the island...

I'd just ditch the program, but my emergency group uses it and we all know that even though we run with scissors we must play well with others...