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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
Antenna Work

Ian came over with bow and arrows to help with an antenna project. We tied 10-lb fishing line to the arrow and Ian shot it into our tall cedar tree. Was so fun we did it again. Then we pulled through some 30-lb line, then some nylon line. tied a pulley to the nylon line, then a long loop thru the pulley. Now the top of the loop is 30 feet up a tree, and ready for one end of the dipole.

We reconstructed the dipole header. It was mostly rusted out, but the coax was in good shape. Got that done, and the ends of the dipole on the header.

Next task to do is getting the whole antenna up in the air. Either i need to do something clever with ropes, or i need a taller ladder to get up to the top of the chimney.


I have nothing exciting to say, just that it sounds pretty damned cool.