chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

bus report

coach 948

The first trip on 2/4T is before the Ride Free Area goes into effect. It's pay-as-you-get-on, $1.25.

Guy got on and muttered "I ain't got no fare, can I ride with ya?" "Where are you going?" "Goin' where you're goin'."

Right. Look, I'm an easy going guy. I give out free rides everyday. "I gotta get to work." "OK, sir, need a transfer?" "I'm going to school and I for got my card." "That's fine." "I just need to go to the doctor, my tuberculosis is getting worse." "That's fine, ma'am, take a seat." This is basic life on the inner city trolley routes.

But "goin' where you goin'" is a recipe for disaster. I don't run a flop house, and I don't want to be alone with you on the bus way out there at the terminal. And I don't really feel all that great booting you off out there at Seattle Pacific at that hour. Too many young kids out there.

All that work and I had another sleeper out there at SPU. Sheesh. Kicked that guy out at the library ruins going the other way. Woke him up, he says "Oh, sorry" then sits back and looks out the window. He's down with a trip to the lake and back. "Sorry, sir, one freebie is all you get..."

Could be worse. I could work in Phoenix.....

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