chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

bus report

coach 993

Today looked like a "bad bus day" for Metro, although i think the worst has passed. My little piece of it looked like this:

  • Heavy traffic earlier in the morning. Impatient traffic, too. I was passed illegally three times, not to mention the failure to yield violations. Which are never enforced, anyway. Ptui. Anyway, one wonders if people were feeling guilty about skipping work yesterday for the baseball game.
  • Coach 907 broke down in front of me at 3/Vine n/b. Had to pull his poles to go by.
  • Emergency equipment blocking roadway, Queen Anne Av/Roy St, n/b
  • 3 Ave s/b is a parking lot of unhappy trolleys.
  • Coach 907 (again!) broke down in front of me 3/Seneca s/b, he pulled his poles.
  • Coordinator calls me at 3/Marion, tells me to hold there. I pull my poles. Eventually 907 hobbles up with a mechanic at the wheel, drops off that operator who takes my bus. I get a ride back to the base with a roving supervisor.

Anyway, except for the rain, probably the worst is over. You may go about your business. (Yeah, you. Get back to work!)

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