chris/CO149 (co149) wrote,

bus report

coach 997

There was a memo posted about what to do should we see any strange white powder on the bus. I didn't see the word "snort" so it must have been serious. Sigh.


dead cat in road, 3 Av W/W Barrett St.

Missed a lady's stop. She was pissed, I was apologetic, she was unimpressed.

Dead cat still in road, 3 W/W Barrett

Lost a pole in the crossover, 3 W/W Cremona. Turned too fast.

Watched animal control remove the dead cat.

Dead cats in the road depress me. I'm glad animal control removed it, because that depresses a lot of drivers. But some family is never going to know where their cat went. I hope I don't see posters up next week...

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