August 25th, 2001


bus report

Today at 10:56 AM was my turn to participate in the ritual called Picking Work. Starting on 10/1, my work is "Route 2, Run 4 Tripper", 2/4T for short. This starts at 5:06 AM (yawn!) and gets off at 8:36 AM. 3.5 hours, such is the life of a part timer.

This run serves portions of routes 2 and 13, and is electrified.

Look at the map for route 2, the map for route 13 and the runcard.

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And I got a parking ticket.

Check my work. I shove a bunch of change into the meter and it says 49 minutes. I check my watch, it says 11:51am. So I should be good until 12:40pm, right?

This ticket is dated 12:20pm.
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