August 26th, 2001



Wife's mother and stepfather were over.

the mother is an academic, a full professor, in fact. She'd like to be everyone's advisor, including her daughter. Shut up!

the stepfather is a know-it-all, and recalls to mind the old maxim, "those of you who think you know everything are annoying to those of us who do." Shut up!

They did bring me a nice gift, a pocket sundial. This is two concentric rings. You slide the outer one to select the time of year. this positions a hole so the sun will shine in the correct place on the inner dial and denote the time. No adjustment is made for latitude, though, so I'll have to figure that out.

Marked on the ring is "CARPE DIEM \ 10.H.S.THON \ ANNO : 1721". I wish they'd update the date when they make a reproduction. Maybe I can sue.
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