November 13th, 2001


bus report

coach 971

People were running slow today. (I was running slower.) I didn't know Veteran's Day was an excuse for a 3-day drunk...

ATL: No Work


150 years ago today, in weather identical to the dark grey and heavy wet, the first homeless people lit upon the shores of a body of water called something like "Whulj" by the locals.

Today, the body of water is called Puget Sound, and these homeless people went on to found the city of Seattle.

Would that the homeless people of today were so industrious [fnord].

Freedom from voice menu trees

Just called Qwest, to change my billing address.

The answering machine bade me enter the area code and phone number. I'm using a dial phone, so I don't do that. Then it asks me again, in a Very Firm Tone. I ignore this just as firmly. 5 seconds later, I'm told to stand by while my call is connected. 60 seconds of hold music later, I have a human.

Of course, the human has to sell me DSL (sorry, getting that free from a former employer), and then wireless service (sorry, I'm a ham operator).

While it's true that I'm a ham operator, it's not strictly a replacement for a cell phone. I just said that to be annoying. I have a pager. You wanna talk to me, you can let me know, then wait until I'm ready...