November 16th, 2001


Bus report

Coach 975. No matter how many people I saw running for the bus today, I was never early. Get it together, you people!

I tendered my resignation as a part-time transit operator, effective November 30, 2001.

But why, Chris?

Because I've accepted a position as a full-time transit operator trainee. I can hardly be two places at once, can I? The full-time training class starts on December 3, and lasts 3 weeks. The training wage is only $10.37/hr, but 8 hours of $10.37 beats 3.5 hours of $14.51 any day of the week. (I go back to $14.51 after training is done, and go up to the next wage step a few months after [March, I think, to $16.58. Will likely be more once we have a labor contract again])

More details as they become available, regarding shifts, days off, yadda, yadda, yadda.
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The next level of pollsterism today asked its readers whether Osama bin Laden was still in Afghanistan. Approximately 2/3 said yes. The question was not "Do you think Osama is still in Afghanistan?"

It seems that the 21st century media now has the tools to affect world events directly, by majority vote.


To test this theory, here's a poll of my own:

Will CO149 receive the one million tax-free United Stated Dollars that is so obviously his due?

Only if he gives me 10%