November 28th, 2001


bus report

coach 3581. Alert readers will note that is a different series of coach than usual, in this case a 40-foot diesel Gillig. Since Metro is recycling the motors in the 900 series into the new 4100-series trolley, there is a temporary shortage of trolleys. (There are plenty of hulks in the yard, though, it's better than a redneck's back yard)

Some snow early this morning. Didn't stick, but came down like Vesuvius Ash.

Had to convince some regulars that I was the bus they were waiting for. I'd pull up and open the door, and they'd look back up the street to see if their trolley was ever gonna show up. heh.

pointless license plates

Some vanity license plates are pretty clever. Others are just stupid, insulting and/or offensive. Some vanity plates, however, are just pointless. These are obtained by people who just must have a vanity plate but have absolutely nothing to say.

today's examples:

MYFNDER -- Toyota Pathfinder
NEIN 12 -- Porsche 912 (although note that "nein" means no. That might mean "No 12", except a German would say "Kein 12". So I dunno...

Let me know if you see any. Remember the criteria: there has to be no reason for the plate, no new ideas communicated by it. I don't want to see stupid plates, just pointless ones.