November 29th, 2001


Bus report

Coach 907

ATL: No work

What did you do to help out the bus driver this morning (check all that apply)

I was at the bus stop on time.
I had my fare ready to go.
I bathed in the last week or so.
I raided my kid's piggybank, and loaded 167 pennies into this sandwich baggie that I found in the trash. Then I dumped those 167 pennies into the farebox All At Once, jamming the mechanism and leaving a heaping pile on top.
I don't ride the bus.

Not that I minded the extra two minutes that I ran late. Although that one guy who's counting on me getting to 23/E Union in time for him to catch the #48 might have. At least I was able to entertain the other passengers with this exploit after Pennyman left.