January 3rd, 2002


Bus report

70/5A coach 924

Alert readers will recall I had this work last thursday, and that it's 10 hours.

After you take off the parking brake, the power pedal would need to be recycled before you got forward motion. Took me several experiments before I could start up the hill on Main St without rollback. Also, no audio in the radio handset, and a low level of 12-volt battery charging prevented the wheelchair lift from stowing. (although loading two wheelchairs at successive stops may have had something to do with that.) 3 burly passengers spntaneously volunteered to shove it back in, though.

Simultaneously had two wheelchairs and a blind passenger. My part for the ADA. :-)

Lost poles at the 70 crossover at 3/Pine, and once at Eastlake/Fairview, s/b when the rope caught on the retriever handle.