January 4th, 2002


Bus report

3/9A coach 946

This run, despite being on delores' favorite routes, the 3 and 4, sucks the big kielbasa. One linked trip takes me from Queen Anne to 25 S/S Walker St with only 7 minutes recovery time at the far end. This is the hospital run, folks. 7 minutes leaves no time for a wheelchair, or anything else. At one point I was 5 minutes down, and the stress really began. Ended up only 3 minutes down in a set of hair raising maneuvers that eschewed completely any notion of passenger comfort. At least no one barfed.

Upon consultation with one of the shop stewards, I have started documenting my performance on my runs, on the theory that I'm gonna get the shitty work and that work needs to be fixed. There's no excuse for such short recoveries on a route that routinely overloads and passes up passengers.