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November 2010
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Back July 19th, 2002 Forward

Despite the fact that I have a couple dozen people listed in the "friends" section of my profile, I never ever see them. The biggest reasons for this are

  1. I'm married, and I'm sort of expected home.
  2. I have a completely screwed up work schedule.


A careful study of my and my wife's schedules (diagram that sentence) reveals the following facts:

  1. She has an aerobics class on Mondays that gets her home late.
  2. My virtual Friday is on Monday, and I get off fairly early.


      I'm taking a tip from my college professors, and I'm declaring an "office hour". At the Lava Lounge. Mondays at 6pm (plus however long it takes me to find a parking space).

      That is all.

Current Mood: determined

My mother-in-law just called. She knows I go to bed early, so she says "I hope I didn't wake you." No, that's fine.

But consider. If you think you might wake someone up, why would you call them? (Outside some emergency, of course. But, frankly, I'd prefer you called 911...)

I wouldn't have answered at all, except my caller ID box is on the fritz. Grr...

Back July 19th, 2002 Forward