December 1st, 2002


Bus report

3/5 coach 3339

Diesel coach assigned today due to reroutes around the Seattle Marathon.

Quiet day.

A word about sleepers. The really good buses to sleep on are the really long routes, ones where you might go 2 hours without the driver hassling you. Smart sleepers know this and gravitate to the 150, 174 and 358. So of course, people who choose to sleep on the number 13 which gets to the terminal in 20-25 minutes aren't all that smart.

When I kick a sleeper off, I usually do it downtown (where there are other people) and I say to them, "Excuse me, sir, this is where you need to change buses." This saves their face. Unless they're too dumb for even that. If they grovel, make a scene or can't get their shit together, well, I'm already back in my seat...