December 4th, 2002


Bus report

3/12vt coach 4159

Nothing of note. Oh, except a headlight was out, but a nice vehicle maintenancer took care of it. Question: was this a hard or easy day in the absolute (or at least average) sense?

2/8vt coach 4109

At 1 Ave W/W Galer St, while doing the #2, a lady asks if there is a cemetary at the end of the line. "Yes, Ma'am." "Thank you." She gets off. *shrug*

Woman with a voice like a New York truck driver got on cussing and moaning about the previous #13. Apparently she was a little slow off the bench and that driver didn't see her. Odd that he didn't hear her, though. Whew! I get passenger pity for having to listen to her. Not that I was, really... :-)