December 11th, 2002


Bus report

3/12vt coach 989.

dang. Hope I don't sprain my back. But wait! What's this? A broken passenger seat? First 300-pounder sitting there is gonna get impaled. New coach, please!

[Take 2]
3/12vt coach 3430

A diesel? Well, if that's all you have left, I suppose it'll have to do.

The last trip downtown from Madrona, I had a lot of people. I think I got ahead of my leader who would have been coming in from Judkins Park.

2/8vt coach 4166

When I relieve the other driver, I glance at the odometer. 500.0 miles. A nice new coach, a nice round number. Also the trip counter says 500.0 miles. Usually there's a 2-3 mile difference (unless some operator resets it) (Note. I drive this bus for 4 hours 33 minutes, and complete all of 29.2 miles.)

Coming down Queen Anne hill a lady gets on, pays and asks for a transfer. She unfolds a napkin and holds it out to me. A second later, I understand, and lay the transfer down on the napkin. She folds it up, and says "thank you". I feel vaguely unclean.

A gentleman with an American accent uses the word "perambulator" in a sentence. In fact, in the same sentence as the word "scooter".

The "thagyugodmlessyou" lady got on and rode for a couple of stops. She says she'll pray for me. Now I feel really unclean.

Caught up to my leader outbound on the #13. That hasn't happened for a while; I think he leaves the base earlier than he did last shake up. If so, he must have gotten walloped. He's so late that I'm late getting to the terminal, about 3 minutes. I'd probably be later if he'd been on time, though.

Coming back to the base, south on 3 Ave, the left-turn switches at Spring St and at Main St switch without my instructing them to. I catch the problem before I lose my poles, though. I *hate* losing my poles!