December 18th, 2002


Bus report

3/12vt coach 4151

Had an unexpected school group, Garfield HS students (about 15 and 2 adults) get on at 23/E Jefferson. They all went to Benaroya Hall. This is the time of year when the Seattle Symphony invites HS students to dress rehearsals.

Had a lady get on and paid her 25 cents with pennies. She was ready, though. She had all her pennies in a special little envelope and dumped them into the farebox very neatly. She's done this before, I think

2/8vt coach 4145

The driver I relieve on this one was on time. That's unusual, usually he's 3-4 minutes late. I actually got to the lake a little early, also unusual. So, I'm thinking about a nice slow afternoon. Wrong. For some reason, everyone wants to go into downtown on the 2:40 trip. Handed out 25 transfers that trip alone.

Later, on a trip in from West Queen Anne, a lady "runs" for the bus. I wait for her. She gets on, thanks me profusely, then tells me I'm two minutes early. She may have been joking. I explained the current schedule timing and told her it was 3:32 if she wanted to check her watch. Rather than being 2 minutes early, I was 2 minutes late getting to the Queen Anne/Galer timepoint.

Just a lot of shoppers today, mostly those unable to drive themselves. Mainly because the people who *were* able to drive were in their cars...

One passenger got off at Queen Anne/McGraw. It was dark, and he remarked that this was a very dangerous intersection for pedestrians. I muttered something about how I carry a flashlight and he allowed as how that was a good idea. Then I notice he's wearing a black leather jacket. Somehow, I avoid rolling my eyes at him.

97 xfers.