December 21st, 2002


Bus Report

2/5vt coach 4152

3 homeless people today going up the hill. At Boston St, I explain that that oncoming #3 they see is going right back downtown. One guy jumps off for it. He's wearing a suit and wrapped in a blanket. At McGraw street, I proclaimed a 10-minute break. They could stay, or run for that 3. They go for the 3 and I go get a latte.

The other way, I pick up a lady with a wheelchair. Not in the chair, she's using that as a combination walker/cargo container. She rides to the lake. Then back up to Queen Anne. Then back downtown. I ask where she's going once I get back to the stop I picked her up at. She rides one more stop, then gets off.

2/1vt coach 4151

Surprisingly quiet. I expect mass chaos with the happy xmas shoppers. Nope.

Coach seems to have a power pedal interlock issue. It didn't want to go up QA hill. The wheelchair lift was out a little bit, and I pull it in. Better, but not perfect. When I get to the lake, I wave chickenbones over the coach. Well, I pull the poles and check the shoes, then I completely exercise the lift. This is amusing to one onlooker.