December 23rd, 2002


Bus report

3/5 coach 4166

Well, I was never behind recovery. On this work, that qualifies as a good day. (This is the one with lots of cheesy breaks and no time to eat.)

The sammidge I got out of the vending machine was sour, and I tossed it and scored a mondo Snickers bar from the AM/PM at 23/E Cherry.

At about 11:30, the happy holiday shoppers discovered that they had the day off and should go help the environment, er that is the economy. Those humans unable to stimulate the economy went to the food bank.

Came home and experimented on the 222 MHz band a bit, and chatted with a fellow on the 224.78 repeater on a mountaintop 80 miles away.

Radio New Zealand is playing classic rock on 17675 kHz. Queen and Dire Straits so far. (Imagine this playing on some low-budget AM station and coming out of the rear speaker on your dad's 1968 Chevrolet Impala. Then pour a malted milkshake down the speaker. That's what it sounds like. The announcers have this weird accent and they all tend to mumble.

Oh, man. Otis Redding. "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay". I'll be that molten puddle in the floor now :-)
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    Otis Redding on Shortwave!