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November 2010
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(Copy of a BBS post)

               <<< DAHMER::DKA200:[NOTES$LIBRARY]MUSIC.NOTE;1 >>>
                                -< Music Stuff >-
Note 3.1                        Music to Hack to?                         1 of 1
MANSON::CHRISO "Chris Osburn/KD7DVD"                114 lines  22-JUL-2003 12:41
                             -< It's not my fault >-
Darn it, Doc, now I have to go through *my* stack.

Over time, I move CDs from the main shelf in the living room into the
Chamber of Horrors where I do my hacking.  Two years of musical brownian
motion, and I have:

(*) means currently in the CD player

Bang On a Can
    Music for Airports


Big Head Todd and the Monsters
    Sister Sweetly

    The Best of Blondie

Case, Neko

Cash, Johnny
    American IV:  The Man Comes Around

Deep Forest

Dr. Demento (ed.)
    20th Anniversary Collection

Easy Star All-Stars
    (*) Dub Side of the Moon

Electric Light Orchestra
    (*) Strange Magic:  The Best of Electric Light Orchestra

Emerson, Lake & Palmer
    Works, volume 1

Eno, Brian
    Ambient 1:  Music for Airports

Everything but hte Girl
    Like the Deserts Miss the Rain

Fleetwood Mac
    Say You Will

Guaraldi, Vince Trio
    Jazz Impressions of a Boy Named Charlie Brown

Guns 'n' Roses
    Appetite for Destruction
    Pretty on the Inside
    Live Through This
Jarre, Jean Michel
    Les Chants Magnetiques
    Oxygene 7-13

    The Best of Morphine, 1992-1995
    (*) Like Swimming

    One Beat
Sonic Youth
Southern Culture on the Skids
    Plastic Seat Sweat
    Life on Other Planets
Talking Heads
    Fear of Music
Team Dresch
    Personal Best
Tubes, The
    The Tubes
Type O Negative
    Bloody Kisses
    L'Apocalypse des Animaux
    Heaven and Hell
    Opera Sauvage
    The City

Ventures, The
    (*) The Ventures Play Telstar - The Lonely Bull and Others /
        (The) Ventures in Space

Warfel, Liza
    Bonnie Parker:  The Silent Sessions

Who, The

I took an IQ test at emode.com, followed some silly link like i never do. They assigned me an IQ of 144 which is either them trying to flatter me or just consistant with tests i've taken in the past. You choose.

Then they tell me I'm a "visionary philosopher" based on the questions I got right. They're *definitely* trying to flatter me into something.

Then they want me to buy a "complete report" for $15. fuhgeddaboudit.

Then they show me four beautiful women who are "Matches" for me. This despite the fact I'm married. I mean, lookit the gazongas on that woman! They think I'm just gonna meet her for a game of Risk?

Currently, I'm trying to validate a suspicion that they're a front for Scientology. Doesn't feel right, but my Hunch-o-matic(tm) just triggered.

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