August 18th, 2003


bus report

3/4 coach 3154

3154 is one of the dreaded M-A-N Americana coaches that Metro got in the early eighties. They're completely different than what I normally drive, and were constructed back when "ergonomic" was a word on a French menu. One long-time bus rider saw what I was driving and said, "Well, aren't you blessed today?"

A quiet day.

I saw bastet75 trying to cross Queen Anne avenue mid block, but she couldn't get across because the damned bus was in her way. Spank, spank for jaywalking, but thanks for making my day, hon!


Consider the array:

%values = ('a', 1, 'j', 10, 's', 100,
           'b', 2, 'k', 20, 't', 200,
           'c', 3, 'l', 30, 'u', 300,
           'd', 4, 'm', 40, 'v', 400,
           'e', 5, 'n', 50, 'w', 500,
           'f', 6, 'o', 60, 'x', 600,
           'g', 7, 'p', 70, 'y', 700,
           'h', 8, 'q', 80, 'z', 800,
           'i', 9, 'r', 90);

With these numerical assignments to the letters, we find the following words with the gematrical value 666:

appropriate   eunuch        marvels       proliferates  stucco
blumenthal    fox           microprogramm reiterating   subdomains
business      gunderson     movings       resetting     swing
chippewa      gutenberg     newark        severing      thundered
choruses      inducement    nucleotide    sparsest      tomatoes
commissioners inducts       observed      spatter       trespass
complicators  inheritress   patters       spectrogram   whipped
crowded       juneau        precipitated  squarer       wings

(um. "microprogramm" should read "microprogramming" but my formatter cut it off. This also explains my preference for mainframes and minicomputers. Maybe. *cough*)

Further, these words correspond to 444
allocation    dispersing    islets        piedfort      straggled
amherst       dodington     levi          poisoner      sumac
bluffs        eludes        live          profited      timers
bugles        evil          locator       puccini       tipper
carrot        flabbergast   ludmilla      pudding       title
cattail       flush         merits        qualified     tolerance
cleave        fumbling      mister        radium        unpack
competing     halve         mitres        reorders      urbana
coughing      hamster       molested      rocketing     valid
cremates      handcuffing   muddling      significant   veil
datagrams     humpback      neanderthal   smashers      vidal
delve         immune        pantheon      sorrier       vile
digestion     intraline     pensions      stiles