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November 2010
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chris/CO149 [userpic]
bus report

Coach 953

For some reason, this coach was supplied with a farebox placard from the old fare structure. It's odd that people who can't read to tell whether to pay when getting on or pay when getting off have no problem telling that they only need $1.25 rather than $1.50. And we're talking literate native speakers, here. (People who don't speak or read English well almost always have the correct pass or fare.)


Yeah, we had this increase, plus a 0.2% increase to the sales tax (now it's 8.8% -- and 9.3% in a restaurant. No wonder Eyman is frothing). It's to overcome the loss of the vehicle excise tax that the legislature killed even though I-695 was unconstitutional. (Washington's legislature is the largest collection of [reproductive organ]less humans on the planet.)

So. With all this money, we can get to the service levels promised in February 1999 only three years late. Assuming Metro can hire enough drivers, anyway. Need a job?


As crappy as the economy is, Metro still can't find enough drivers?

If I move back to Seattle, I would strongly consider it. Working in the computer field has sucked all my love out of the technology.