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November 2010
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Went to the Rat City Rollergirls bout, this time in Hangar 30 out at Sand Point. They had this weirdo surface that skates seem to hate, slippery and skittery. The skaters seemed really unsure, at least at the beginning.

My friend (and former Speakeasy worker) T came, and she had a ball. Yayy! My wife, Sara, came as always (also yayy!)

I was most pleased to meet jinx at the bout tonight.

My escorts were about all done in, so after delivering them to their respective rests, I went down to the Rendezvous. Talked with igorp briefly about Huffman encoding of periods and colons (really, don't ask) and with sgtred about current developments in Columbia City.

Sgtred bet me $20 I wouldn't take a shot of Heinz Ketchup. Rest assured, мой друг, I'll save that for a special occasion to be named later (muahaha, *cackle*).

20 bux

A perfectly good display of slide rules fouled by a gigantic calculator that can barely take a square root as the books nearby look on disapprovingly.
Get Firefox or something already

Back June 26th, 2005 Forward