March 29th, 2007


I love spam

Here's hoping everything's unicode-compliant today...

today's spam du jour reads:




I usually ignore these things, but tonight I was hit with the sudden urge to let google's translator bot have at it. Here's what I got back:

It is not completed often, Otsuka it is it is the firewood

Because with respect to rule, the support mail is unpalatable by any means from my individual, it is last with this. This evening, tomorrow and the collar it is and login doing at the home, it makes wait, have tried. “You heard from Otsuka”, that if you insert in the mail, because understands directly with what the hole simply is said. … The face which the collar will be relieved delightful scream floats before the eye. Don't you think?

Spring and cute please enter season together, the often impoliteness we apologize. The encounter which warm is the [ri], Otsuka it is it was the firewood.